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Prestige Packaging is the East coast’s premier supply and customized logistics distribution company.  With over a century’s experience—and the combined purchasing power of more than 3,000 customers—we can assure you of the best pricing and service in the industry. Our mission is to save you time and money.  Whether you need janitorial, food service supplies or equipment, health care or education supplies—or the financial and environmental advantages of our new Green Clean Systems or even assistance with Kitchen Design—we’ll analyze your needs to offer you a comprehensive solution that will reduce your total supply costs. 
From global sourcing to a 99.75% fulfillment accuracy rate, we’ll underprice and outperform the competition—and help you build your competitive advantages, too.

 Our founder Joseph Weiss, Great-grandfather of our CEO

Restaurant Equipment/Small Wares
Contact your sales representative or Steven Levy, General Manager, Restaurant Equipment & Supply Division at 215-616-5420 x250 and let us show you how good we are.

Contact your sales representative or Harve Morinsky , General Manager Sanitary Maintenance & Janitorial Supplies at 215-616-5420 x225 and let us show you how good we are.

Contact William Cleary, V.P. of  Healthcare Systems at (215)616-5420 x229 for more information

Food Service
Contact Harve Morinsky , General Manager at (215)616-5420 x225 for more information

 Green Clean Systems
Contact Rick Check , CEO. at (215)616-5420 for more information